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Freight FactoringWhat is freight bill factoring?

Freight bill factoring is an easy way for transportation carriers and freight brokers to turn unpaid freight bills into immediate cash. Do you have slow-paying freight bills? Can’t wait to get paid? Growth Capital can finance freight invoices that you’ve already delivered. We can help you improve your business’s cash flow quickly.

Our factoring program allows you to get paid within 24 hours. Growth Capital’s advanced accounts receivable management services will ensure that slow payments won’t limit your success.

We’ve built our reputation on providing transportation carriers and freight brokers with the funds they need to grow their business. You can use the funds to pay for operating expenses such as truck leases, fuel, and drivers’ costs on time, which will enable you to haul more loads and make more earnings.

Simply send your freight bills to Growth Capital to get paid today.

How does it work?

Growth Capital’s freight bill factoring program is a straightforward, simple-to-implement cash flow solution. The 5 basic steps in freight bill factoring, after you open an account with Growth Capital, are:

  1. Deliver the freight load to your customer, as usual;

  2. Invoice your customer and submit a copy of the invoice and Proof of Delivery (POD) to us;

  3. We send an instant cash advance to you;

  4. Your customer pays Growth Capital the full amount of the invoice when it is due;

  5. We send you the remaining balance of your invoice, kept with us as a reserve, less our small factoring fee.

Why Growth Capital?

Selecting the right factoring company for your business is vital to its success. Growth Capital is dedicated to providing professional factoring services and financial stability to all of our clients.

Our freight bill factoring program can be customized to fit your business needs and requirements. No matter your circumstances, we can closely work with you to create the best funding plan for your business.

We cater to trucking companies and freight brokerages of any size. Essentially, Growth Capital aims to solve your cash flow problems and help you unlock the full potential of your business.

We give you the peace of mind to focus on running and growing your business without worry.

What we offer: We’re different because we’re better

At Growth Capital we strive to provide you with the best factoring services. Our freight bill factoring program offers a range of benefits to transportation carriers and freight brokers.


  • Predictable and sustainable cash flow.
  • Low rates: We offer competitive factoring rates as low as 1.5% per month.
  • High advances: Our program is a quick financing solution with instant cash advances of up to 100% of the invoice’s value.
  • No Term Agreement:  You don’t have to stay with us if you are not happy with our service.
  • Quick setup time: We do our best to get your account set up as quickly as possible.
  • Quick funding: We make sure that your business receives funds within 24 hours or less.
  • No originals needed for funding: Fast and reliable funding on copies of invoices and Proof of Delivery (POD).
  • Fee: No monthly minimum volume fees.
  • Management: Professional account receivables management by our highly experienced team.
  • Free Credit Checks on new accounts to protect you from losses.
  • When you decide to get started with Growth Capital, we’ll be there with you from start to finish helping you set your company up for success.
  • Our knowledgeable team of experts will get to know you and your company’s vision and needs.
  • They will explain how factoring with Growth Capital works and answer any questions you may have about the program. From our industry experience, we know how to create custom freight bill factoring plans to fit any business requirements and circumstances.
  • You can rest assured that our team is committed to supporting you and your company through the whole process.
  • One of the biggest challenges facing any trucking company is a gap in cash flow caused by slow-paying customers. For many trucking companies, waiting for customers to make payments is not an option.
  • In the fast-paced trucking world, sufficient cash on hand is needed to pay various expenses entailed in transporting goods on a daily basis.
  • Freight bill factoring is an alternative method of financing that allows transportation companies and freight brokers to generate immediate working capital from unpaid freight bills.
  • Today, freight bill factoring continues to grow in popularity throughout the trucking industry as a financing tool to acquire fast cash. Many trucking professionals find that factoring is the fastest way to get paid for delivered loads.
  • Growth Capital offers a cost-effective factoring program with low interest rates, high advances, and on-time payment.
  • Our professional team and phenomenal customer service provides efficient account receivables management services.
  • We also use advanced software to effectively handle your factoring transactions. Let us manage your freight bills, freeing up your valuable time and resources so that you can focus on running and growing your business.

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Interested in factoring your freight bills and getting paid? Growth Capital offers high advances at low rates to truckers and freight brokers.

We are passionate about helping our country’s most valuable workforce succeed! Our freight bill factoring program is easy to use and quick to set up. Once it is set up, you have instant access to an ongoing and predictable cash flow.

Don’t let unpaid invoices slow you down. Send your freight bills to Growth Capital to obtain immediate cash for your business needs and growth.

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